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lights, camera, dance!

Quiet on set… Lights, Camera, DANCE! Get your cameras rolling because it’s time for our 7th Season show! It may sound corny, but we are popping with excitement to watch our dancing movie stars. Who needs Netflix when you have Summit Dancers? Grab your tickets and get ready for the biggest scene of the year; no remote necessary! 

The end-of-the-year shows at Summit Dance Co. are one of the most exciting times of the year! It is our capstone and celebration of our students’ progress and accomplishments. Our priority is making it a fun, safe, and positive event. The memories will last a lifetime!

important dates

DECEMBER 5th: Must notify Summit if you are not participating in shows. The only way to confirm is by filling this form.

DECEMBER 15th: Costume Fee Auto-charged **if payment plans need to be made please let us know**


JANUARY 5th: Recital Fee due

FEBRUARY 5th: Registration closes

APRIL 17th: Tickets go on sale. Borrow shoes are no longer available.

MAY 22nd - 25th: Picture Week **see schedule below**

MAY 30th - JUNE 1st: Show Week: Red Carpet Tech Rehearsals. NO CLASSES (except Triple Threat).

JUNE 3rd - 4th: Shows!

JUNE 21stClasses End (all students are unrolled after this date and will need to re-enroll for future seasons)

about the show

WHERE: Redmond High School Performing Arts Center - 17272 NE 104th St, Redmond, WA 98052

WHEN: June 3rd, 2023

  • Show #1 Tiny Dancers Part 1 @10am

  • Show #2 Tiny Dancers Part 2 @12pm

  • Show #3 Mini @2pm

WHEN: June 4th, 2023

  • Show #4 Junior @1pm

  • Show #5 Teen @4pm



Email us at


Tickets are expected to sell out! - reserved seating


PRICE: $25 for adult, $20 for child 18 & under (plus ticket vendor processing fee). All Summit dancers can attend additional shows for free (but must still order a ticket).

WHEN: Tickets go on sale April 17th at 11am

AGE REQUIREMENTPer venue requirements, All children 2 years & up must have their own seat and ticket.

SHOW #1 & #2: Dancers in Tiny Tots, Tap/Ballet 3-5, and Hip Hop Flip Flop 3-5 have to order a ticket (free) to sit in the audience - dancers will be called onto the stage from the audience during the show.


  • No tickets will be sold at the door.

  • Dancers must remain backstage for the entirety of the show.

  • Tickets are first come first serve. The shows will sell out.

NEW SUMMIT DANCE FLOOR FUND: Summit's biggest studio room is in urgent need of a new real hardwood dance floor.  Our studio family has a passion for tap dancing, and we gave our original flooring a run for it's money so it's no longer useable or safe for much longer. Unfortunately, we are still recovering from the pandemic's toll on our small business, so we are struggling to afford this very expensive, but professional sprung real hardwood flooring system. Thank you so much for considering a gift to our new floor fun! We appreciate you, Summit Fam!


Tights, shoes, & hair

let's make sure our dancers are stage-ready!


COSTUME: Your dancer's costume will be sent home with them once they have been tried on in class. Please hang the costume, and store appropriately until recital.

TIGHTS: Most Summit classes will receive skin-tone tights to wear with their costume. Please verify with the link below. We encourage dancers to purchase and bring an extra pair just in case!

SHOES: Dancers should be wearing the appropriate shoes for the style of their dance. Please verify with the link below.

MAKEUP: Summit does not require makeup for performers. It is typical for stage performers to wear makeup in order for the audience to be able to clearly see their faces. Stage lights often wash out faces, which is why we recommend wearing however much your family is comfortable with. 


For a minimal look (for our younger dancers) we recommend applying blush, lipstick, and mascara. For a full-stage look (for our older dancers) we recommend foundation, blush, brown/neutral eyeshadowseyeliner, mascara (or false lashes), and lipstick.



HAIR (Tiny Dancers & Adult): All dancers should have hair nicely off of their face. Any style is acceptable.

HAIR (Mini/Jr/Teen)All dancers with chin-length or longer hair should have hair in two dutch (or French) braids into a neat bun. Please use the links below for tutorials. Dancers with hair that can not be made in this specific hairstyle, or male-identifying dancers, should have hair neatly off of the face.




Individual and group picture digital downloads are fully included with your already paid for show package fee (as well as a professional video digital downloads of recitals)!

If you would like a sibling picture, please let us know ahead of time and we can sneak it in. 

Dancers must come to their class already in their full costume and recital hair (makeup is optional, except for Team dancers).

WHO: Nigel Cooper Photography

Show week

show week

are you red carpet ready?


TECH REHEARSAL: This type of rehearsal is designed to make sure everything comes together on stage! Dancers will run-through their entire show at Summit; including their finale! All dancers should wear their Lights, Camera, DANCE! Recital shirt with any movement friendly bottoms, and correct dance shoes.

  • Tiny Tots, Tap/Ballet 3-5, and Hip Hop Flip Flop 3-5 dancers can be dropped off, OR a parent can be in the lobby

  • All others dancers should be dropped off, and Summit staff will take it from there!

RED CARPET PARTY: Immediately following each Tech Rehearsal, we will be hosting a Red Carpet Party for any dancer that just completed their rehearsal. Party will include red carpet photos, popcorn, and a movie!


  • Tiny Dancers will watch their movie while they are waiting, or after they have finished! Then we will all do the finale after their movie has ended.

  • Shows #1-4 will watch a G rated movie, Show #5 will watch a PG rate movie

Pre-sale flowers


let's celebrate our performers!

Flowers are a fantastic, traditional way to say "good job!" to your performer after their show. The smiles and joy you'll witness when giving your dancer a flower after their performance is a precious memory you won't forget!

PRICE: $7 per individually wrapped single stem rose flower bouquet (assortment of colors first come, first serve at the event). We have a limited quantity available and might run out. Only exact cash, Venmo, or current student registration accounts will be accepted for payments.

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