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Summit’s Mission

Provide a safe, enthusiastic environment where every student and family feels welcomed and encouraged to climb and conquer the summit within themselves, one (dance) step at a time.

Core Values

Kid Friendly | Developmentally-appropriate | Inclusivity | Kindness | Self-Worth | Growth-Oriented | Safe Practices


Ain’t no fam like a Summit fam, cause a Summit fam don’t stop!

Our Story

Summit Dance Co. was founded in June 2016 by mother-daughter team, Amanda Kaneshiro and Gayle Leyde. As Gayle retired in 2022, Summit began the transformation into a sister-owned studio as Amanda’s youngest sister, Sami Leyde, became the next co-owner. Both Amanda and Sami started dancing when they were two years old, and have found a passion in creating a studio that is about so much more than dance and a drive for doing their part to make a positive impact and advocate for safe practices within the dance industry. They also happen to have been Partners in Crime since the day Sami was born, so these two are a dynamic duo, ready to take on the world!

A “summit” can be described as a group of people who care deeply about the same topic. With over 25+ years of experience in the dance business industry, we have established a firm belief in creating a safe, quality dance education with a kid-friendly approach. Dance is not only about learning movement, but more importantly about building self-worth, respect, and compassion. By supporting our dance summit, you are instilling the best that life has to offer. 

Everyone has their own personal hurdles and summits to climb, and in the spirit of our mission, Summit is proud to provide classes for every person that walks through our doors. Whether your two year old is ready to try on your first pair of ballet shoes, a child who has never danced before, an experienced dancer ready to take their dancing to a competitive level, or an adult who wants to rekindle their love of dance, we have a class for you! All genders, disabilities, races, religions, etc. are welcome. We are 2SLGBTQIA+ friendly.

The love of dance grows differently for every student. Not only do we offer classes in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Acro, Pointe, and more, but we also offer special programs like a certified Preschool and Kindergarten, a Musical Theatre Production Program, and a Competition Team.

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