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Do we train our dancers to win dance competitions? NO. Do we train our dancers to win at life? YES.

Picking a home dance studio and program that matches your morale, goals, and commitment level is so important. To us, being in one of our competitive programs means much more than just being proficient in dance and winning trophies. We aim to inspire the person first and the artist second. This means working on being a better person, learning how to be a team player, making new friends, learning to step out of your comfort zone, student- teacher mentorships, performance opportunities, and more! Dance teaches life lessons. It’s all about the journey. 



Info Meeting:

April 27th @10am

Ages 5-18



After being in the competitive youth dance industry for 25+ years, we have witnessed something we love turn into an industry that is unhealthily competitive, not developmentally appropriate, with leaders misusing power, primary priority on financial gain, unethical judging practices, and more. While we have been tempted to completely pull out of the competitive dance industry, we continue on because the performance opportunities, feedback, goal-oriented progress, (and more) are truly so valuable for growth as a dancer and person. Along the way, we aim to educate our Team dancers and families on this mindset and the “WHY” going into these events.


The Summit staff are advocating and working to better this industry, one Summit step at a time! The whole Summit staff is First-Aid/CPR/AED certified, all choreography and costumes are age/developmentally appropriate, and we aim to find as child-friendly events as there are in the industry. 


Each year the Summit Team focuses on creating opportunities for dancers in all styles. Most competitive teams have hyperspecialization in Eurocentric styles (Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary). At Summit, we allow dancers to compete separately in an individual style (like Tap or Hip Hop).

Dancers will compete 3-4 times per year, and get to perform at community events in the following styles:

  • Hip Hop

  • Jazz

  • Tap

  • Lyrical

  • Contemporary

  • Musical Theatre

  • Specialty Routines (Solo/Duo/Trio)

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