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Kofi began his dance education at the age of six in his home city of London, studying ballet and tap dancing. After moving to Seattle, he continued studying ballet from 2011 until 2014 at the International Ballet Theatre. Since the age of sixteen, he had been training under choreographer Josh Scribner in tap dancing. In 2016 he became a full member of Scribner’s Alchemy Tap Project, and has been featured in two dances that have been released online in video form: “Stick To It” and “The Muse’s Dream.” In addition to an annual company show every summer, The Alchemy Tap Project performs at venues all around the Seattle area including Benaroya Hall, the Seattle Art Museum, the Can Can, Folklife Festival. Kofi also frequently travels to various tap conventions and festivals around the country in order to learn from tap dancing industry veterans, and has taken classes from accomplished choreographers such as Jason Janas and Ted Louis Levy. He has also been involved in other professional shows including the Seattle Theater Group’s 2018 Dance This performance directed by Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards and Derick Grant, which included a televised appearance and performance. He now is focused on teaching and performing tap dance professionally.

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