Class Descriptions

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This class is designed for adult students with special needs. It encourages physical movement, social interactions, and mental stimulation. Teachers bring positive energy and upbeat music for a fun time!

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Ballet is the foundation to all dance and is highly recommended for all dancers. Students will develop passion and understanding of correct body alignment, balance, grace, discipline, and more, while learning about the classical repertoire.  ​

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Hip Hop is for those who are captivated by popular music videos and big concert background dance performances. Hip Hop focuses on the dancer’s sense of personal style and creativity, but has it’s roots in jazz, funk, and street dance technique. This is super engaging, high-energy class, focusing on freestyle, isolations, popping/locking, b-boying, and more!

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A fun, upbeat, and structured dance style. Students will learn and improve on jazz technique and styles. Class will also be focused on facial performace, learning choreography, and musicality.​



This is an expressive form of dance, fusing ballet discipline and jazz technique together. There are no limits for choreography, expression, and emotion. The class uses emotion and storytelling from music  and life to develop movement. ​



While mainly focusing on the dance/ movement, this class introduces students to the idea of being a “Triple Threat”; having a solid foundation of dancing, singing, and acting. Students will learn how to develop a character through movement and great performance skills. ​

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This class is a highly recommended additional class for any dancer. Exercises are taught to target muscles that are needed to be strengthened to be a solid dancer. ​



A super fun combination class for young dancers to learn the basics of both tap and ballet, while also learning how to follow basic rules from the instructor. No dance experience necessary!​

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Tap is great class to take to develop musicality, rhythm, and individual style, all while making music with one’s feet! This class has unique vocabulary, specific to this genre.​

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A great way to introduce a child to the magic of dance! Dancers will be introduced to simple movement exercises and easy ballet terms, while also learning how to be in a room without their caregiver and how to follow basic rules. No dance experience necessary!​