the wonderful summit of oz

It feels like in 2020 we were thrown into a twister, but 2021 is bringing us to a magical new year! Grab your dancing shoes, and join Dorothy and all her friends on an adventure down the blue and green road to the

Wonderful Summit of Oz! 

about the show

Filming and Picture Weekend

WHAT: Videoing each routine in our studio to piece it all together into the full storyline of The Wonderful Summit of Oz.



WHEN: May 21st-23rd, 2021- Time TBD. The actual time commitment is just to perform and film your routine and take a picture with your class. Each class will have a specific call time during the weekend.

In-Person Shows

WHAT: A super fun outdoor festival-style showcase. Grab your picnic supplies and start wishing for sunshine! Theaters are not booking, but that won't stop us.


WHERE: Willis Tucker Park Amphitheater- 6705 Puget Park Dr, Snohomish, WA 98296


WHEN: June 5th, 2021- Time TBD (June 27th- rainy day makeup)


WHAT IF: We live in Washington, so getting rained on is a great possibility. We also have June 27th reserved, just in case, but we will do everything in our power to not have that be the case. Don’t worry, we are already in the works of SDC rain ponchos!


HOW: Tickets/wristbands will be on sale starting on May 1st. Capacity will be very limited, so start thinking who your select 1-4 attendees will be. You will have the video download from the filming weekend to  share with everyone else! 


HELP: We are definitely going to need help from our SDC Fam to pull all of this together, so we will be sending out a sign up list to see who would be willing to help us make this as great as possible. 



In the upcoming weeks, you will receive much more detailed information on the plans. Including: 

  • Costume information

  • More specific times of events

  • Ticket prices and instructions

  • And more!